The ‘One-Stop-Shop’ of the New Lands Commission

The ‘One-Stop-Shop’ of the New Lands Commission

Rapidly changing customer needs and technology can demand a rethinking of an organization’s work design. For instance, when an organization adopts new technology, its existing process may no longer be the most effective or efficient.

The Lands Commission in the bid to remain customer oriented, competitive, enhance its image and re-position itself as the most desired organization for the delivery of quality land services, has therefore, undertaken a re-engineering of its business processes. 

The Commission has undertaken a complete review of its critical work processes and redesigned its processes to make them more efficient and able to deliver higher quality services. The carefully thought through reengineering by the Lands Commission encompassed a review of the processes performed by all the Divisions of the Commission with the expected consequence of a fundamental change in the way it operates, resulting in higher quality and greater efficiency. These expected changes will be extensive including the Commission’s culture, individual attitudes and work practices.

The Lands Commission was established under Article 258 of the 1992 Constitution and the Lands Commission Act 767 of 2008 as a corporate body. 

The current Lands Commission, as part of the public sector reform programmes and the Ghana Land Administration Project (LAP) has substantially been remodeled by the Act 767 to increase its efficiency and effectiveness.

As part of the reforms, four Land Sector Agencies; the ‘Old Lands Commission,’ Land Valuation Board, Land Title Registry and the Survey Department have been integrated into one Corporate Agency- the ‘New Lands Commission’ which now comprises of four distinct Divisions. The Divisions are; Public and Vested Land Management Division (PVLMD), Land Valuation Division (LVD), Survey and Mapping Division (SMD), and the Land Registration Division (LRD).

The new structure has created a Corporate Head Office headed by an Executive Secretary as the Chief Executive Officer, with two Deputy Executive Secretaries and four Divisional Directors.

To improve land service delivery and management, the Commission with support from the Land Administration Project has developed a strategy to re-engineer the Commissions’ Business Processes and Workflow integration as part of the restructuring of the land sector to reduce process time, improve productivity and efficiency as well as to reduce the cost of land transactions.

Survey & Mapping Division

 According to section 20 of the Lands Commission Act (Act 767) the functions of the Survey and Mapping Division are as follows: The Survey and Mapping Division will:

  • Supervise, regulate and control the survey and demarcation of land for the purposes of land use and land registration;
  • Take custody of and preserve records and operations relating to the survey of any parcel of land; read more...

Land Registration Division

According to section 21 of the Lands Commission Act (Act 767), the functions of the Division are:

  • Publication of notices of registration upon receipt of an application for registration;
  • Registration of title to land and other interests in land;
  • Registration of deeds and other instruments affecting land in areas outside compulsory title registration districts;read more...

Land Valuation Division

According to section 22 of the Lands Commission Act (Act 767), the functions of the Land Valuation Division are:

  • Assessing the compensation payable upon acquisition of land by the Government;
  • Assessment of stamp duty;
  • Determining the values of properties rented, purchased, sold or leased by or to Government;

Public & Vested Lands Mgt.

According to section 23 of the Lands Commission Act (Act 767), the functions of the Public and Vested Lands Management Division are:

  • Facilitating the acquisition of land for Government;
  • Managing state acquired and vested lands in conformity with approved land use plans; and
  • Other functions determined by the Commission.


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