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1.1         Background

The Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources is implementing the Land Administration Project (LAP-2) with Additional Financing provided by the International Development Association (IDA).  The Project Development Objective is to consolidate and strengthen urban and rural land administration and management systems for efficient and transparent land service delivery.

The Project is being implemented through four-interrelated Components.  These are Strengthening the Policy, Legal and Regulatory Framework for Land Administration; Decentralizing and Improving Business and Service Delivery Processes; producing Improved Maps and Spatial Data for Land Administration; and engaging in Human Resource Development and Project Management.

The Lands Commission Act 2008 (Act 767) merged four land sector agencies into a single entity. By this merger the Lands Commission is to operate as one organization with an integrated work processes.

As part of the process of improving the working environment for the Lands Commission and improving service delivery by co-locating the divisions of the Commission, the project is supporting the construction of three new CSAUs at the regional offices for the Lands Commission in Cape Coast, Sunyani and Cape Coast and the refurbishment of two offices for conversion to CSAUs in Tema and Wa.

2         Objectives

The objective of the Consultancy is to provide technical assistance in terms of conducting needs assessments of selected CSAUs for refurbishment of existing buildings and design review for construction of new CSAUs.

The assignment is in two phases covering Pre-contract and contract management and construction supervision. 

Phase 1 of the assignment covers the pre-contract activities including inspection, review, production of designs, tendering and selection of contractors.

Phase 2 covers contract management and supervision of construction and refurbishments of all the CSAUs.

Specifically the assignment will cover the following;

  1. Refurbishment and conversion of Offices for CSAU in:

a.         Tema (Greater Accra Region)

b.         Wa (Upper West Region)

  1. Review design of Prototype CSAU buildings in:

a.         Cape Coast (Central Region)

b.         Sunyani (Brong Ahafo Region)

c.         Ho (Volta Region)

3         SCOPE OF WORKS

The scope of services for this assignment include both pre- and post- contract consulting services for the construction of 3 CSAUs and refurbishment of 2 buildings to be used as CSAUs for the Lands Commission.  As a result, the consultant will be expected to undertake the design of CSAU for 3 regional offices and refurbishment of 2 buildings for functionally efficient CSAU and assist in the selection and engagement of the contractor(s) for the construction and refurbishment of the buildings.

Special attention has to be given to the environmental aspects of the CSAUs. The Consultant shall propose a solution that takes the climatic conditions into account and would lead to an energy efficient building. These measures should be cost efficient and achieved by realizing an environmental friendly concept of the building structure.

3.1         Building Inspection and Review

The buildings referred to here are located in Tema and Wa in the Greater Accra and Upper West Regions respectively.  In addition the consultant will design prototype CSAU for Cape Coast, Sunyani and Ho in the Central, Brong Ahafo and Volta Regions respectively.

The Consultant will carry out the following tasks:

(a)        Inspect and take inventory of all buildings and list all defects and the required interventions.

(b)       The consultant is required to propose any alterations to the structures to ensure that the highest level of circulation, security, natural ventilation and services are achieved.

(c)        Hold assignment commencement meetings with the Client.

(d)       Provide the functional adequacy or otherwise of the facilities at each location.

This phase involves all the preparatory works aimed at verification of existing documentation, preliminary design basis and completion of the preliminary design work. The results of the preparatory planning shall be harmonised with the Management Team of the Lands Commission and other Land Sector agencies and presented in the inception report for approval.

The services shall include but not limited to:

a.     review /update of the project brief, concept designs and cost estimates

b.     Critical review of available project documentation, data collection, site and system inventories and verification of system schematics, design criteria, equipment.

c.     Cultural conditions (surroundings, environment), etc.

d.     Development requirements (zoning, ground coverage, statutory permissible development areas, access roads, sewers & drainage, building lines and other special requirements such as height restrictions, way leaves, easement, covenants, etc

e.     Environmental issues within the design and overall concept have to be addressed

f.      Update of the project/time schedules for design and tendering stages.

g.     The design should be detailed enough in layouts, elevations, perspectives etc. for the client to appreciate the spaces, the use of materials and to give a more realistic cost estimate. Special consideration should be given to the sustainability of the building in general and all the different materials and equipment.

h.     Upon the approval of the preliminary design, detailed designs and cost estimates covering architectural detailed drawings, services, sanitation, civil and structural, electrical layouts and modern communication systems comprising networking for computers, printers, intercom voice over IP (VoIP) CCTV security systems and shall be prepared and presented for approval.

3.2         Expected Output for Design Review Stage

The output for the consultancy are detailed architectural and engineering design reports and bidding documents for the assignment all in appropriate packages including;

(a)   Design Report on the project which shall include, among other items of design information, but not limited to:

i.               Schedule of facilities and services provided;

ii.             Schedule indicating individual and total area covered by the designed spaces;

iii.            Capacities of designed areas, facilities and services;

iv.            Special design innovations, such as energy resource management, etc.; and

v.              Project cost estimates.

(b)       Detailed architectural and engineering design reports and bidding documents for the complete programme and all in appropriate contract packages including the following:

                        i.         engineering and architectural designs including all necessary surveys and investigations, civil, structural, electrical and plumbing, including network cabling and furnishing;

                      ii.         details of existing external layout, fencewall, security and car park outlining possible interventions;

                     iii.         Networking for computers, printers, Intercom Voice over IP (VoIP), CCTv security system for both internal and external.

                     iv.         Server room with server racks and smart UPSs Access control for server room and fire suppressant systems.

                       v.         Bidding Documents comprising Bills of Quantities, specifications, working drawings and all necessary bidding documentation to a standard appropriate for Competitive Bidding using World Bank Standard Bidding Documents for Small Works;

                     vi.         final cost estimates based on the final designs and bills of quantities; and

                   vii.         The Consultant will assist the Client to evaluate the bids and prepare the Bid Evaluation Report.

3.3         Bidding Document for Contractual Works

There should be separate bidding documents for each of the 5 sites indicated.

The Bidding Document for the Works shall be the World Bank Standard Bidding Document for Works; with the appropriate information provided in the Bid Data Sheet, the special conditions of contract, the appropriate technical specifications for works covering all the aspects of the Works, the Unpriced Bill of Quantities; and a separate volume of Working drawings in A3-format.

In addition, the Consultant shall present confidential cost estimates.

The Client shall constitute an Evaluation Panel which includes the Consultant to Evaluate the Bids for the Works contract.

3.4         Reporting Requirements

The Consultant will submit the following reports, all in hard copy and electronic form on pendrive:

(a)   Inception Report:  The Consultant will submit Ten (10) hardcopies and one softcopy on pendrive to be submitted two (2) weeks after the Commencement Date of the contract.  The Report should state clearly preliminary findings, observations made and programme of work.  It should also indicate how the Consultant intends to undertake the task, the approach and methodology, the implementation strategies and a detailed work schedule, among others. The report will be reviewed by the Lands Commission within one week and provide feedback to the Consultant.

(b)  Draft Final Report:  Ten (10) hardcopies and one softcopy on pendrive to be submitted four (4) weeks after Commencement Date of the assignment based on the expected outputs as detailed above.  The report shall include:

                        i.         Draft Final Report covering architectural and engineering design considerations;

                      ii.         Draft Bidding Document;

                     iii.         Bills of quantities;

                     iv.         Specifications;

                       v.         Draft Construction Drawings; and

                     vi.         Cost Estimates

The Lands Commission will review the report and provide feedback to the Consultant within one week.

(c)        Final Design Report

Ten (10) Hard Copies and a softcopy on a pendrive of a comprehensive Final Architectural and Engineering Report shall be submitted to the Lands Commission, two (2) weeks after receiving comments on the Draft Final Report.

The report shall include:

                        i.         Final design Report:  Five (5) hardcopies and a softcopy on a pendrive.

                      ii.         Final Bidding Document:  Ten (10) sets of bidding documents per lot, including architectural and engineering drawings.  The lots are: Ho, Cape Coast, Sunyani, Wa and Tema.

(d)       Evaluation of Bids and Preparation of Contract Documents

The Consultant will be required to be part of the Evaluation Committee to be constituted by the Lands Commission for the Evaluation of the Bids.  The Evaluation Committee, including the Consultant, shall prepare a Bid Evaluation Report for bids received for each lot and submit to the Entity Tender Committee.  On confirmation of contract award, the Consultant shall prepare the necessary contract documents for each lot.

Upon successful completion and performance of the Design Review Stage by the Consultant, the Lands Commission may consider the re-engagement of the Consultant to perform the Construction Supervision and Contract Management Stage.


The Consultant shall execute continuous supervision of all works including the monitoring of work progress and adherence to specified work standards (quality control).  Specifically, these services will include, inter alia:

a.         Providing Contractors with the necessary data points and bench marks for setting out the works; and subsequently checking and approving the detailed setting out;

b.         Checking and approving the contractors’ work plans and implementation for the most efficient and expeditious methods of carrying out the works;

c.         Issuing all necessary instruction to contractors and continuously supervising the work to ensure that they are carried out in accordance with the contract documents;

d.         Carrying out during the execution of the works; inspection of all sites;

e.         Checking and approving materials used and examining construction equipment and test results for all materials to ensure that these conform to agreed specifications;

f.          Checking contractors’ work measurements and certifying payment claims;

g.         Informing the client of any problem which may arise or might arise in connection with civil work contracts and making recommendations for their solution; and

h.         Assisting the client in any dispute during contract periods that may arise with contracts and giving all the elements on which the judgments are based.


During this phase, the Consultant shall perform the following:

(a)        Inspection of works prior to the expiry of the Contractor’s six (6) months maintenance period, preparation of a final deficiency list, if required, supervision of remedial works and recommendation to the Lands Commission as to the date of the Final Inspection of Works;

(b)       Carry out final inspection of the works together with representatives of the Lands Commission and the Project Coordinating Secretariat and the Contractor;

(c)        Preparation and issuance of Final Acceptance Certificate; and

(d)       Preparation of Final Payment Certificate.


The assignment shall be completed over the periods indicated below:

(a)   Design Review Stage for a duration of Six (6) weeks;

(b)  Bidding and Evaluation Stage for a duration of six (6) weeks.

(c)   Construction Supervision Stage for a duration six (6) months

(d)  Post Contract and Defects Liability Stage for a duration of six (6) months.

5.1         Consultants Staffing Input

Professional inputs should include the following:

1.         Design Review Stage: an Architect, Structural Engineer, Services Engineer, Land Surveyor and a Quantity Surveyor.  It is estimated that there shall be 3 man-months for this stage;

2.         Construction Supervision Stage: An Architect, Services Engineer, Quantity Surveyor.  It is estimated that there shall be 10 man-months for this stage.  In addition, there will be Clerk of Works for each of the five sites at an estimated input of 30 man-months.

3.         Defects Liability Period:  Architect and Quantity Surveyor. It is estimated that there shall be 1.0 man-month for this stage.


The work requires an eligible multi-disciplinary team of experienced architects and engineers to meet the demands of the work.

All firms are supposed to be duly registered with accredited professional bodies.  The selected consultants shall undertake the assignment by engaging experienced professional staff. They shall collect and make use of available information and apply sound technical practices and methods in carrying out the assignment. In addition, the consultants shall produce and work with standard specifications of relevant institutions to ensure concurrence of legal and procedural rules, standards, specifications, and seek guidance in international best practices.

The following expertise is required:

a.     Architect – Team Leader

The Team Leader should be a qualified, competent and registered Architect with member of a recognized professional body, a valid practicing certificate and degree qualification.  Should have not less than 10 years experience in the management of similar building construction projects of which not less than 5 years should have been Project Manager or Team leader position.  Should have knowledge in preparing feasibility studies of building structures and have proven ability to manage and administer both the design and supervision aspects of this nature. The Team Leader must have experience in leading multi-disciplinary teams in similar assignments.

b.     Civil/Structural Engineer

The Civil Engineer should be qualified and member of a recognized professional body with a degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent. Should be a recognized Civil Engineer and should have not less than 8 years experience in the design of civil works of which 5 years should have been in project implementation and supervision.   Should be familiar with the governing structural design codes being used in the country and the technical specifications and materials.

c.     Services Engineer

The Services Engineer should be qualified and member of a recognized professional body with a degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.   Should possess not less than 5 years experience in the design of electrical systems for building structures of which not less than 5 years should have been in project implementation and supervision.

d.     Quantity Surveyor

The Quantity Surveyor should be a member of a recognized professional body in Building/Costing/Quantity Engineering or equivalent.  Should possess not less than 5 years experience in the preparation of Bills of Quantities for building structures of which not less than 5 years should have been in project implementation and supervision.

e.     Land Surveyor

The Land Surveyor should be a member of a recognized professional body in Geomatic Engineering or equivalent.  Should possess not less than 5 years experience in survey for building structures of which not less than 5 years should have been in project implementation and supervision.


The Lands Commission will make available to the Consultant any background information and documentation it has and also provide any requisite secondary information of relevance to this assignment.  The Lands Commission will provide the following:

(a)   Schedule of space and staff requirements;

(b)  Site plans for each site.

(c)   Spot heights for each of the five site.

8         CONTACTS

The Executive Secretary,

Lands Commission,

P O Box CT5008,

Cantonments, Accra.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +233 302429760


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