Preparation of Land Use Plans

Under sub-component 3.5 of the project, the Town and Country Planning Department is being supported to prepare:

  • A National Spatial Development Framework, 
  • Four (4) Regional Spatial Development Frameworks, 
  • Twenty (20) District Spatial Development Frameworks as well as 
  • Twenty (20) Structure Plans and 
  • Twenty (20) Local Plans for selected cities and towns within the 20 selected districts.

Regional SDF - Western Region, Ghana Spatial Development Frameworks

The Spatial Development Frameworks (SDF) are expected to provide perspectives and proposals for what kinds of development should take place, how much of it should occur, where this should happen, and how this should happen in order to take advantage of available opportunities at the national level and the selected regions and districts. 

The SDFs are expected to provide a spatial strategy for achieving defined social, economic and environmental policies of Ghana and address the spatial development implications of development interventions related to economic development, employment, housing, infrastructure services (water and sanitation, energy, telecom, transportation etc.), education, health care, tourism and leisure, culture and nature and the environment.

Structure Plan- Ejisu  Structure Plans

Structure plans will be prepared for cities and towns in the selected districts showing present and proposed future development over a given time. The Structure Plan is understood to be a dimensionally accurate spatial plan used to guide the development or redevelopment of an urban area, town or city and its peripheries or contiguous locations connected to its future development. The plan is ultimately expected to promote integrated social and economic development in a sustainable manner by:

  1. Providing a clear direction and strategies for developing appropriate mix of uses and applying zoning standards to ensure vibrant and successful Municipalities. 
  2. Determining areas for development of various land uses, the direction of growth, areas for upgrading, redevelopment, infilling and consolidation. 
  3. Determining the appropriate mix of trunk infrastructure in the area of energy, transportation, water and sanitation, telecommunication for efficient functioning of the Municipal area.
  4. To ensure that the plan is adequately implemented, a clear programme of action will be required, including guidance on investments and private sector involvement.

Local Plan - Shama Local Plans

Local Plans will be prepared to guide developments at neighbourhood or sector level or for areas identified for special planning concern or interest in the Structure Plan. Some of the areas to be targeted for local planning will be developing parts of the cities, green areas or old parts of the cities for purposes of regeneration or upgrading, infilling or urban consolidation/densification. 

This plan will identify precise land uses and any liens on the development of the individual plots. The local plan will be prepared as and when a section of a settlement or activity area expands. This plan will show the following:

  1. Type of buildings
  2. The position of buildings
  3. The minimum permitted dimensions of any parcel (width, depth, area)
  4. The maximum size of parcel  for housing  to ensure the economical use of the land
  5. The precise boundaries of  commercial and industrial estates
  6. Area to remain uncultivated as a reserve for future development
  7. Public and private green areas such as gardens, private plots, sports grounds, playgrounds etc
  8. Transportation  routes
  9. Water, electricity, telecom network including main distribution network and reticulation network

These plans will be prepared and implemented in close cooperation with stakeholders. 


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