Structure of the Office

To enable the Office to operate effectively and efficiently, it has the full complement of the various sectorial areas which operate at the three-tier levels of National, Regional and District Offices. The Office is headed by the Administrator who is responsible for the day-to-day administration and reports to the Sector Minister. To complement the work of the Administrator, there are functional areas namely, Administration, Finance, Operations and Regional Offices.

This provides the general administrative services and human resource management of the Office. The Head of this Sector is the Chief Executive Officer (Administrative Officer).

This unit is responsible for financial administration of the Office. It is headed by a Chief Accountant who oversees the General Accounts and the Stool Lands Accounts Section.

The Operations Department is the technical/professional wing of the Office. It co-ordinates work from all the regions and collates data needed for research on stool land matters, publication, monitoring and evaluation of work from the regions. It is headed by a Deputy Chief Stool Lands Officer.

Regional Offices
The Regional Offices undertake administrative and operational activities in the regions and districts.

The functions of the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands as provided for under Article 267(2) of the 1992 Constitution and Sections 2, 9 and 10 of Act 481 of 1994 are:

  • Establishment of a Stool Lands account for each stool into which shall be paid all rents, dues, royalties, revenue or other payments whether in the nature of income or capital from stool lands.
  • Collection of stool lands revenue and accounting for same to the beneficiaries.
  • Disbursement of stool land revenue to beneficiaries in the proportion of 25% to the Stool through the traditional authority, 20% percent to the traditional authority and 55% to the district assembly within the area of authority of which the stool land is situated
  • Consultation with stools and other traditional authorities on matters relating to the administration and development of stool lands.
  • Co-ordination with Lands Commission and other relevant Public Agencies and other stakeholders in preparing policy framework for the rational and productive development of stool lands.
  • Facilitation of the establishment of Land Secretariats for traditional authorities.
  • Research into stool land issues and collection and storage of relevant information and data on stool lands and making same available.

Problems / Constraints

  • Absence of enabling Law to prosecute Rent Defaulters
  • Lack of a Legislative Instrument to facilitate the operation of the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands Act 1994 (Act 481).
  • Failure of beneficiary District Assemblies of Stool Land Revenue to use such revenues for development projects for the benefit of communities.
  • The office is understaffed.


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