Street Naming

Street Naming

A Street Addressing system involves naming streets and then numbering the properties along them. Street Addressing therefore is an excercise which makes it possible to locate a parcel, property or dwelling on the ground.

Street Addressing however goes beyond the mere naming of streets and numbering of properties and includes the development of digitized maps for use in the management of settlements and urban communities. The maps with the informations acquired can then be developed into GIS (geographical information system) as a database.

Objectives of the Street Addressing System

  1. Easy identification of locations of need ensures quicker response of emergency service providers like the Fire Service and Police Emergency Teams.
  2. It ensures the efficient delivery of Municipal services in urban areas by courier organizations like the DHL, EMS  and Postal Services in general.
  3. Easy identification of Businesses helps in promoting the operations of Businesses  in general (Easy access to businesses)
  4. Easy identification of places also improve tax/revenue collection by revenue agencies like the E.C.G (Electricity Company of Ghana), G.W.C.L (Ghana Water Company Limited) MDAS ( Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Value Added Tax (VAT). With a GIS system in place, revenue leakages into individual pockets can very  much be controlled.
  5. Provides a platform to facilitate Governmental initiatives like the National  Identification Excercise and National Population and Housing Census.

Street Naming Roman Rigde 


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