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8.1 LUPMIS Tools: General

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Beginner; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

8.1.1 Overview

To facilitate and standardize the GIS procedures for land use planning, the software package of '
LUPMIS Tools' have been developed. They are not part of the standard Map Maker setup. Currently, there are 7 'Tools', with more functionalities and more 'Tools'
under discussion:

Note: Technically, they are programmed in php to satisfy future requests on webbased migration of GIS services. It uses MMmacro and GIS file import/ export features of Map Maker (loc, xy, mme, ptp, geo files, see also Annex 18.5).

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Feel fee to 'Create Threat': First select the discussion Board, then press the button at the top right: .

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  • a) Integration of LUPMIS Tools:

Conceptual integration of 'LUPMIS Tools' in the  3-tier land use planning system is shown in following chart:

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  • b) Start of LUPMIS Tools:

How to start the 'LUPMIS Tools'? See Annex 1.1.3 for full description or video clip.

In summary:

1. Start Xampp (as installed from the 'InstallationCD') > Start MySQL. You can then close the Xampp Control Panel. (No need to start Apache anymore). If MySQL is installed as a service, this step can be skipped.

2. Start Map Maker. It has to run in the background.

3. Start the 'LUPMIS Tools' from the installed LUPMIS icon at your desktop:

For the installation of the 'LUPMIS Tools' see Annex 1.1.

For training questions, see end of Annex 13.2.

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  • c) Architecture

Technical note: The IT architecture of LUPMIS is illustrated below. In future, with improved bandwidth capacities in Ghana, all data will be hosted on the Web.

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