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8.4.6 Permit Database Management

This Web page is still under construction and incomplete. It will be updated and complete shortly.

There are various tools to administer the Permit Database.

A) You can backup the Permit Database (
Permit Tools > Backup/restore) and the GIS (Printing Tools > Backup of plans).

B) You can derive a statistics sheet with the number of records in the database (
Permit Tools > Statistics) and the GIS (Printing Tools > GIS inventory).

C) You can export the Permit Database (Permit Tools > Backup/restore or Import/export) or the Local Plan with UPN (Printing Tools > Backup of plans) for import at other databases of Land Sector Agencies, such as LIS or UMLIS. Exported data are in standard exchange format (see also  Chapter 8.4.6). Additional formats can be implemented on request of the Agencies.

D) You can retrieve application forms for the Planning Permit (Permit Tools > Form).

E) You can view or read the the LUPMIS Manual (all tools > LUPMIS) or the planning concept (Drawing Tools > Layout concept).

F) You can view a history (log file) of all processes transformed either on the Permit Database or on a particular parcel (
Permit Tools > Monitoring).

--- Soon to be explained in detail ---


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