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8.9.4 Backup

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

  • a) Backup

Backup is the most import database activity. At least, once a month a backup should be performed by Settings > Backup of databases > Backup of all databases > Continue:

If data are entered or changed, backup has to be performed even daily. Backup of the data are copied to files (SQL) with a date and time stamp, e.g. Backup_..._2015-01-03-1302.sql. These files can be used for transfer to other LUPMIS installations or in case of re-generating the database (see below).

Technical Note: Backup of Permit, Census, Address, TCPD databases are stored in folder Backup of Permits folder, while the Revenue Database backup is saved in folder Backup of Rev folder.

  • b) Backup GIS

  • c) Restore Database

Before you do any restore, make first a backup of whatever you have, in case of a crash. You can restore from a SQL file through Settings > Backup of databases > Restore .... Database > Continue >

> Select file > Execute.

  • d) Restore GIS


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