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8.4.7 Production of Permit

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Advanced

This Web page is still under construction and incomplete. It will be updated and complete shortly.

With all data in the system, a permit can be printed automatically with insertion of the Site Plan:

- - - - -

It is evident, that a permit can only be printed, if an application has been approved. If negative, the printout is not possible.

As an annex, not as a legal document, a general location map with the parcel can be printed:

For example, Dodowa_roads in folder C:\LUPMIS\Dodowa dra\.
All styles refer to Default.stl in the default configuration (C:\Map Maker\Configuration\Style library). See also  Annex 6.5 for style definitions.

- - - - -

With all data available, also the Structure Plan and Local Plan can be printed with pre-defined layout. Scale, paper size and orientation have to be specified, the centre point of the map can be choosen (or default, if centered on the plan), additional layers can be added manually in Map Maker.


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