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8. LUPMIS Tools > 8.9 Settings

8.9.7 System Information, Utilities & Version

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Expert; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

  • a) System Information:

Occassionally, it is important for the administrator to see the system parameters. System info can be retrieved through Settings > System info:

This shows all relevant information about the system, such as LAN address, Internet / WAN address, other clients in the LAN, version numbers (see below), and installed utilities (see below).

  • b) Utilities

Various utilities are integrated in LUPMIS. They are either automatically loaded with the LUPMIS installation or will be requested at first time call.

Some of these internal LUPMIS utilities might be useful also for external tasks and can be called from LUPMIS after Settings > System info (see above), such as:

  • Back4Sure for backup
  • Google Earth as Internet map browser
  • GDAL as GIS library
  • Irfan View for viewing and editing graphic
  • UltraFileSearch for searching within documents
  • Rename for bulk conversion of file names
  • 7-zip for compression of files

  • c) Version

The LUPMIS version number informs about the date of release. It can be viewed through Settings > System info (see above) or Settings > About (see below), and is shown at the call of LUPMIS.

If the version is older than 90 days, a reminder pops up and proposes an update, which is available through the Internet. Contact HQ for details.

  • d) About

The installed LUPMIS version, and the current District and user are accessible through Settings > About:


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