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8.4.5 Retrieval of Permit

This Web page is still under construction and incomplete. It will be updated and complete shortly.

There are various output listing, which can be requested: Listing of all parcels in the Permit Database, of all information of the selected parcel, of all applicants, of all Planning Permits, etc.

- Site Plan (
Permit Tools > Siteplan):

- Planning Permit (
Permit Tools > Permit):

--- Soon to come ---

- All information about a parcel (
Permit Tools > Parcel info):

- Planning Permit (
Permit Tools > Siteplan > Overview):

- Permit status map (Permit Tools > Permit status map):

This map shows the current status of the permitting process (yellow: under process, green: approved, red: refused).

- Survey points of parcel (
Permit Tools > Siteplan > Tick 'List of survey points'):

--- More to come ---


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